How To “Level-up” and Become a Better Person.

This aren't your 'cliche' tips like "wake up early" and "drink coffee". No! I mean real practical tips that you can start right now!


How I Study Effectively As a Student (My Study Routine)

So you've finally gotten the motivation to read, now it's hard finding a good study technique to get those knowledge in. Don't worry, I'm sharing my effective study routine that'll not only maximise your study sessions, but also make studying a lot easier.

"Do it now" brown Scrabble letter tiles, a key phrase used to avoid procastination.

How To Stop Procrastinating (In Five Steps)

Everyone Procastinates! Okay maybe not everyone, but most of us do and I don't blame anyone because it's sooo easy to just leave what you have to do and lay in bed all day, but since we can't do that, here are ways you can defeat the enemy called Procastination and get a wake up call to a healthy, productive, lifestyle.

Two girls and two guys sitting round a brown table with papers and study materials sprawled out in the center of the table
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My First Month of College!

(How I've been, academics, social life, mental health, etc)

Stacks of open books with different colored covers on a wooden floor.
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Five Underrated Study tips For Students

Studying can be very boring for the majority of people, but with these five tips, you'll learn better ways to improve your study habits and take learning to a whole new level.

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My Experience As a Volunteer-Teacher

Read my experience and find out what it's like teaching six children for four weeks without expecting pay check at the end of the month.


Revamping My Website: How To Redesign Your Old Website

This is a brief summary tutorial on the steps I took to redesign my website. I hope you enjoy!


15 Unusual Ways To Have Fun.

Here's a list of unusually cool things you can do when you're bored or when you're alone that you've probably not thought about. Enjoy!!


Period Problems All Females Can Relate to

Is it that time of the month already? Well here are some of the awful cons of womanhood that I'm sure we can all relate to.


20 Things You Can Do During Quarantine.

Here are 20 things you can do during lockdown that will benefit your life.

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How to Make Yourself WANT to Study (Student Specials)

Don't feel like studying? Read this

A person writing on an organised work desk containing a cup of tea, keyboard and notebook.

How To Stay Productive During Self Isolation.

So you're stuck at home? Doesn't mean you can put all those extra free time into use and make the most out of it. Infact, this is the perfect time to catch up on all work you've kept away for so long. So without further ado, here are some tips to help you stay organised… Continue reading How To Stay Productive During Self Isolation.