How To Cure An Addiction.

Addicted to something? don't worry, here's how you can take control of your life back. Also check out these common addictions to find out if you have any of these.

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We Need to Redefine SUCCESS.

What does success mean to you and how has the world changed its meaning from the simple thing it is to an almost unachievable set of rules/standard?


How To Deal With Anxiety.

Here's how to stop worrying– In 6 Simple Steps).


How To Stop Caring About What People Think.

Human Beings are Impossible to Please so why even try? Read this article to find out how you can stop worrying about what others think and just be your best you.

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How To Gain Body Confidence in 10 Steps

Do you struggle with body image and poor body confidence? These ten tips will help you overcome that burden and see your body in a new light.

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How to Build Your Confidence| Teen Talk

Dealing with Feelings of Inferiority for teens.

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Five Ways to Become More Happy

It's easy to stay negative and allow the problems of the world to bring you down especially during this period. We have to recognise that stressing and worrying about these situations only make things worst, so instead of allowing sadness to control your life, here are five ways you can help ease all the worries… Continue reading Five Ways to Become More Happy


20 Things You Can Do During Quarantine.

Here are 20 things you can do during lockdown that will benefit your life.