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My Experience As a Volunteer-Teacher

Read my experience and find out what it's like teaching six children for four weeks without expecting pay check at the end of the month.


How To Stop Caring About What People Think.

Human Beings are Impossible to Please so why even try? Read this article to find out how you can stop worrying about what others think and just be your best you.

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How The Corona Virus Affected Nigerian Schools.

Find out Why Nigerian tertiary institutions must resume school despite the threat of a second wave of the corona virus

Woman wearing white sleeveless shirt and while denim shorts holding a white backpack in a yellow background.

How To Gain Body Confidence in 10 Steps

Do you struggle with body image and poor body confidence? These ten tips will help you overcome that burden and see your body in a new light.


Why Drinking Cold Water Might Be Good For Your Health.

Who doesn't love a cup of chilled water under the scorching sun, they may be more to it than the refreshing feeling we get when we consume it.

Woman looking at the beautiful ocean with a cup of tea in hand.
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What Quarantine Taught Me.

Seven Important Lessons From The Seven Months Of Lockdown.


Revamping My Website: How To Redesign Your Old Website

This is a brief summary tutorial on the steps I took to redesign my website. I hope you enjoy!

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Let’s Talk About Body Positivity

What do you understand by body positivity? Do you get the entire concept or are you among the few people that get the idea wrong? Read this article to find out.


Five New Things To Try This New Month

Happy new month!!! Check out these 5 amazing things you can do this month to make it the best.

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Unusual Beauties That Prove That Beauty Doesn’t Have a Single Definition

who said you must be slim and flawless to be beautiful? these strong women have proven otherwise, read to find out more...

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“Success is 40 percent School and 60 percent You”. Agree or Disagree

Do you agree that success matters more on your school than on you? read this to see people's replies and add yours


Ten Types of Friends You Should Avoid.

Everyone has a friend they should not have. read this to find out if you have such friends or if you are infact, one of these types of friends.