How To “Level-up” and Become a Better Person.

This aren't your 'cliche' tips like "wake up early" and "drink coffee". No! I mean real practical tips that you can start right now!


How I Study Effectively As a Student (My Study Routine)

So you've finally gotten the motivation to read, now it's hard finding a good study technique to get those knowledge in. Don't worry, I'm sharing my effective study routine that'll not only maximise your study sessions, but also make studying a lot easier.

"Do it now" brown Scrabble letter tiles, a key phrase used to avoid procastination.

How To Stop Procrastinating (In Five Steps)

Everyone Procastinates! Okay maybe not everyone, but most of us do and I don't blame anyone because it's sooo easy to just leave what you have to do and lay in bed all day, but since we can't do that, here are ways you can defeat the enemy called Procastination and get a wake up call to a healthy, productive, lifestyle.

Two girls and two guys sitting round a brown table with papers and study materials sprawled out in the center of the table
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My First Month of College!

(How I've been, academics, social life, mental health, etc)


How To Cure An Addiction.

Addicted to something? don't worry, here's how you can take control of your life back. Also check out these common addictions to find out if you have any of these.


How To Deal With Anxiety.

Here's how to stop worrying– In 6 Simple Steps).


How To Enjoy Working Out- 10 tips

What if I told you that you can actually fall in love with working out and not feel like killing yourself after a 5 minute run?

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How Valentine Is Being ‘Miscelebrated’

Is Valentine really just about romantic dates, expensive gifts and extra cheesiness, or is there more to it? (+7 ways to spend valentine all by yourself.)


How To Stop Caring About What People Think.

Human Beings are Impossible to Please so why even try? Read this article to find out how you can stop worrying about what others think and just be your best you.

Woman wearing white sleeveless shirt and while denim shorts holding a white backpack in a yellow background.

How To Gain Body Confidence in 10 Steps

Do you struggle with body image and poor body confidence? These ten tips will help you overcome that burden and see your body in a new light.


Why Drinking Cold Water Might Be Good For Your Health.

Who doesn't love a cup of chilled water under the scorching sun, they may be more to it than the refreshing feeling we get when we consume it.

Woman looking at the beautiful ocean with a cup of tea in hand.
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What Quarantine Taught Me.

Seven Important Lessons From The Seven Months Of Lockdown.