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The 5 Most Underrated Study tips Every Student Needs to Know (Must see!)

Studying can be very boring for the majority of people, but with these five tips, you'll learn better ways to improve your study habits and take learning to a whole new level.

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I Gained 350+ Tiktok Followers in just week! (Social Media Experiment)

Here's how I gained almost 400 followers in just a week on tiktok. I also share my experiences as well as some secret tips and tricks you won't find elsewhere!


How To Cure An Addiction (Take Control Of Your Habits!)

Addicted to something? don't worry, here's how you can take control of your life back. Also check out these common addictions to find out if you have any of these.

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We Need to Redefine SUCCESS.

What does success mean to you and how has the world changed its meaning from the simple thing it is to an almost unachievable set of rules/standard?


How To Stop Worrying (Dealing With Anxietyā€“ In 6 Simple Steps).

Oof...don't we all just like to worry!? And what aid does that bring us anyway? Follow this guide to help you rid all of those irrelevant thoughts that live in your head for free.

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Why Celebrity Idolising Culture is Toxic

Is it the illusion of a "perfect" life OR the inferiority complex caused by unjustified social exclusivity? What makes celebrities more appealing to the public eye?

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Tiktok Fame: Luck or Work? (+How to be Tiktok Famous)

Ever wondered what it takes to become a tiktok star? read this article to find out if it's just sheer luck or there's an actual formula to it


How To Enjoy Working Out- 10 tips| Exercising as a Form of Mental Therapy

What if I told you that you can actually fall in love with working out and not feel like killing yourself after a 5 minute run?

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Five Things to Check Before Downloading an App or Software.

These are tips to stay away from scam-apps and improve your app hunting experience

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Valentine Is Being ‘Miscelebrated’ and Here’s how (+ 7 ways to spend Val’s day by yourself)

Is Valentine really just about romantic dates, expensive gifts and extra cheesiness, or is there more to it?

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I Volunteered to Teach In a Primary School For 1 Month- Experiences, lessons + Tips for Nigerian Teachers

Find out what it's like teaching six children for four weeks without expecting pay check at the end of the month.


How To Stop Caring About What People Think| Five Steps + Bonus.

Human Beings are Impossible to Please so why even try? Read this article to find out how you can stop worrying about what others think and just be your best you.

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Why Nigerian Schools Should Remain Open Despite the Threatā€” Second Wave of the Corona Virus

Find out Why Nigerian tertiary institutions must resume school despite the threat of a second wave of the corona virus


How To Gain Body Confidence in 10 Steps| The Ultimate Solution

Do you struggle with body image and poor body confidence? These ten tips will help you overcome that burden and see your body in a new light.


Why Drinking Cold Water Might Be Good For Your Health.

Who doesn't love a cup of chilled water under the scorching sun, they may be more to it than the refreshing feeling we get when we consume it.

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What Quarantine Taught Me (Seven Lessons From The Seven Months Of Lockdown).

Here are Seven Important Life lessons I learnt from the Seven months of quarantine in 2020.


Revamping My Website: How To Redesign Your Old Website

This is a brief summary tutorial on the steps I took to redesign my website. I hope you enjoy!

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Let’s Talk About Body Positivity

What do you understand by body positivity? Do you get the entire concept or are you among the few people that get the idea wrong? Read this article to find out.


Five New Things To Try This New Month

Happy new month!!! Check out these 5 amazing things you can do this month to make it the best.

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Unusual Beauties That Prove That Beauty Doesn’t Have a Single Definition

who said you must be slim and flawless to be beautiful? these strong women have proven otherwise, read to find out more...

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“Success is 40 percent School and 60 percent You”. Agree or Disagree

Do you agree that success matters more on your school than on you? read this to see people's replies and add yours


Ten Types of Friends You Should Avoid To Be Happy.

Everyone has a friend they should not have. read this to find out if you have such friends or if you are infact, one of these types of friends.


15 Unusually Fun Ways To Keep Yourself Busy When You’re All By Yourself.

Here's a list of unusually cool things you can do when you're bored or when you're alone that you've probably not thought about. Enjoy!!


10 Animal Super Powers You Wish You Had (Pt 2)

More amazing super powers for you


10 Animal Super Powers You Wish You Had.

Ever wished you could live forever? or have a hair that can change colour at will? read this to find out more interesting powers some animals have that you wish you had.


10 Lessons We Can Learn From Watching Horror Movies.

Who doesn't love watching horror movies (I know I do) but asides the amount of adrenaline we get from these movies, they also hold some important lessons that we should learn.


Period Problems All Females Can Relate to

Is it that time of the month already? Well here are some of the awful cons of womanhood that I'm sure we can all relate to.

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How to Build Your Confidence| Dealing with Feelings of Inferiority (Teen Talk)

Struggling with low self esteem and bullying? read this

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Five Ways to Become More Happy

It's easy to stay negative and allow the problems of the world to bring you down especially during this period. We have to recognise that stressing and worrying about these situations only make things worst, so instead of allowing sadness to control your life, here are five ways you can help ease all the worries… Continue reading Five Ways to Become More Happy


20 Things You Can Do to Make The Rest of the Quarantine Days Count.

The last days of lockdown are approaching. The World health Organisation has started testing vaccines for the deadly Corona virus and hopefully, their trial will yield positive results. With the period of self isolation nearing its terminal point, you may want to consider making the most of the remaining days or weeks before we resume… Continue reading 20 Things You Can Do to Make The Rest of the Quarantine Days Count.